The Galapagos Islands
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National Geographic Endeavour

A classic expedition ship, the 96-guest National Geographic Endeavour’s generous proportions create a vibrant onboard community. With a casual ambience and no assigned seating in the Dining Room, she is a very welcoming and inclusive ship. Equipped with a glass-bottom boat, ROV, complimentary snorkel gear, kayaks and a video microscope, National Geographic Endeavour enables both wet and dry ocean explorations and departs every Friday from January to December.

National Geographic Endeavour Specifications

Former Names:Marburg
North Star
Caledonia Star
Length:293 ft
Beam (Width):46 ft
Draft:19 ft
Speed:11.5 knots

National Geographic Endeavour Deck Plan

National Geographic Endeavour Deck Plan

1Main Deck #202, 204,
A Deck #352, 353—All cabins feature two
lower single beds, a writing desk and a
2Upper Deck # 122,
125; Main Deck #201, 203, 206, 208,
210-212, 214-218, 220—Cabins have
two lower single beds and a writing desk.
Upper Deck Cabins feature large windows
& Main Deck cabins have two portholes.
Category 2 cabin - National Geographic Endeavour
3Main Deck # 209; A Deck
#300, 350, 351—These spacious cabins
accommodate two or three people, all with
two lower beds, a sitting chair, a writing
desk and two portholes. Each has a
separate sleeping and sitting area.
4Upper Deck #102,
104-112, 114-116, 118, 120, 121, 123
—Conveniently located cabins feature two
lower single beds and a writing desk.
5Upper Deck #117, 129—
The finest accommodations on board.
Suites have separate sleeping and sitting areas, a large view window and a convertible sofa to accommodate a third person.
Category 5 cabin - National Geographic Endeavour
Solo 1Main Deck # 219,
222; A Deck #309-312, 314-316, 318
Solo 2Upper Deck #124,
126, 127;
Main Deck #205

Note: Sole Occupancy cabins are available in Categories 1 and 2 and have one lower single bed and one porthole.
Shared Accommodations: We will make arrangements for shared accommodations at the double occupancy rate in Categories 1 and 2. Third person rates are available in designated cabins at one half the double occupancy rate.