The Galapagos Islands
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Machu Picchu

Galapagos Cruise aboard National Geographic Islander + Machu Picchu & Peru’s Land of the Inca

Embark on a sweeping Galapagos cruise adventure that encapsulates all the wildness of Galapagos balanced with cultural and historic experiences of Machu Picchu & the Land of the Inca. You’ll explore Galápagos in depth aboard the 48-guest National Geographic Islander, an intimately-scaled vessel. And you’ll journey to contemporary Lima, and historic Cusco, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Plus, overnight at Machu Picchu and watch the sunrise over this fabled city.

  • Have up close encounters with incredible wildlife
  • Experience the Galápagos undersea, too
  • Benefit from our 40+ years of experience and relationships in Galápagos to see all you came for and more.
  • See daybreak over the ruins at Machu Picchu from the fabled Sun Gate, with only a handful of visitors
  • Discover Cusco’s array of cultural influences and explore the Sacred Valley of the Inca
  • Explore the massive stone Inca stone fortress of Ollantaytambo

Encounter abundant wildlife in Galápagos

Blue-footed boobies. Flightless cormorants. Darwin’s finches. Pink flamingos. Sea lions on beaches or gamboling underwater. Giant tortoises grazing in the highlands. The wildlife of Galápagos is legendary for its uniqueness and lack of fear, allowing you the rare experience of being treated as an equal in the wild world. Each island contains endemic species, and you’ll have the opportunity to see a panoply of Galápagos’ creatures in their native habitats—on land and in the sea.

See day break of Machu Picchu, plus experience Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Inca

Walk amongst 3000-year-old cities built by the Incan empire and explore the most stunning archaeological sites in the Peru. This week-long exploration is carefully planned to allow you to acclimate on the trip from sea level to the peaks of Machu Picchu. Your expedition team of local experts and historians will also open you to the colonial and contemporary Peru that lies alongside the Incan wonders. You’ll visit the massive Inca stone fortress of Ollantaytambo before relaxing in the luxurious 31-room Orient Express Sanctuary Lodge. Before sunrise, you’ll hike to the Sun Gate, the ancient final checkpoint to Machu Picchu. See dawn break over the quiet ruins and then descend into this fabled city with only a handful of visitors.

Explore with an exceptional team

Explore Galápagos under the sure guidance of an expedition leader, four handpicked naturalists, including a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor and an undersea specialist, plus a wellness specialist. In Peru you’ll explore with a veteran Peruvian tour plus several veteran local guides that join us along the way in the Sacred Valley of the Inca, Machu Picchu, and Cusco. Your team’s knowledge and passion for the region is the key to your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Day-to-Day Itinerary

Day 1 — U.S./Guayaquil, Ecuador
Depart U.S. and arrive Guayaquil by late evening. If you choose to take the non-stop group flight from Miami, we depart in the early evening with a flying time of approximately 4 hours. Upon arrival, it’s a short drive to the Hotel Hilton Colón.
Day 2 – Guayaquil / Galápagos / Embark Ship
After the 1 1⁄2-hour flight to the Galápagos, we’ll immediately board the ship. Over the course of the week, our exact routing depends on the National Park Service. (B, L, D)
Day 3-8 – Exploring the Galápagos Islands
While our exact routing depends on the National Park Service, we may visit the following islands: – Bartolomé – Santiago – Santa Cruz – Isabela – Fernandina – Floreana – Española (B, L, D)
Day 9 – Galápagos/Guayaquil/Lima, Peru
Depart Galápagos this morning and fly to Lima, Peru. Overnight at the conveniently located Wyndham Costa del Sol Lima Airport Hotel. (B,L)
Day 10 – Lima/Cusco/Sacred Valley of the Inca
This morning, fly to Cusco then drive to Moray, a visually stunning Inca site believed to have been an agricultural laboratory where Incan priests would test soils and crops. Dine on Peruvian cuisine for lunch at Parador Moray, overlooking the ruins. En route to the hotel, walk through a colorful, typical local market before an optional visit to the pottery studio Pablo Seminario, featuring ceramics made with ancient Peruvian techniques and designs. Check into Sol y Luna Hotel, a Relaix & Chateau property. (B,L,D)
Day 11 – Sacred Valley of the Inca
After breakfast, learn about Peru’s history from National Geographic expert Peter Frost. Visit the massive Inca stone fortress of Ollantaytambo. Visit Casa Orihuela for lunch—a working, family-owned hacienda, then see the family’s private museum filled with colonial artwork and enjoy a demonstration of Peruvian Paso horses accompanied by Marinera dancers and live music. Watch a traditional weaving demonstration by National Geographic grantee Nilda Callañaupa. After dinner at the hotel, watch a folkloric dance performance. (B,L,D)
Day 12 – Sacred Valley/Machu Picchu
Enjoy the views from the valley to Machu Picchu via train with large picture windows. Spend the day exploring Machu Picchu’s different structures with your guide—ceremonial religious, astronomical, and agricultural. Overnight at the historic 31-room Belmond Sanctuary Lodge (formerly the Orient-Express Sanctuary Lodge) with views of the Andes. (B,L,D)
Day 13 – Machu Picchu/Cusco
Hike to the Sun Gate this morning, the ancient final checkpoint to Machu Picchu, and watch daybreak over the sacred ruins. The morning is free to explore Machu Picchu on your own or with your guide. After a train and bus ride, visit Awanacancha, where llamas, alpacas, and vicuñas are bred. En route to Cusco, we’ll stop at Plaza San Cristobal for photos, offering sweeping views of the colonial part of Cusco. Check into the Belmond Monasterio Hotel for two nights (formerly the Orient-Express Monasterio Hotel). (B,L,D)
Day 14 – Cusco
Explore the Inca Empire’s capital city of Cusco and visit the magnificent 17th-century cathedral and convent of Koricancha, and the vast Sacsayhuaman fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore Cusco at your leisure this afternoon. Relax, shop, or visit one of the many churches and museums. Dinner is on your own tonight. (B,L)
Day 15 – Cusco/Lima
Return to Lima and visit the Larco Herrera Museum and stroll the Plaza Mayor. Lunch is in traditional Latin American style. Experience the music of the Andes at a presentation of indigenous instruments. Dinner is on your own. Overnight at the Belmond (formerly Orient-Express) Miraflores Park Hotel. (B,L)
Day 16 – Lima/U.S.
This morning fly home – or anywhere else you might have decided to go. (B)

Dates & Rates

Dates & Rates

Sailing Dates123451 Single2 Single
Mar 10, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Mar 24, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Apr 7, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Apr 21, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
May 5, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
May 19, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Jun 2, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Jun 16, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Jun 30, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Jul 14, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Jul 28, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Aug 11, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Aug 25, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Sep 1, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Sep 8, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Sep 15, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Sep 22, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Sep 29, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Nov 24, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Dec 1, 2018$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Dec 22, 2018$14,810$15,860$16,690$17,32019,490$20,390$21,960
Jan 12, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Jan 26, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Feb 9, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Feb 23, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Mar 9, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Mar 23, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Apr 6, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Apr 20, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
May 4, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
May 18, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Jun 1, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Jun 15, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Jun 29, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Jul 13, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Jul 27, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Aug 10, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Aug 24, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Sep 7, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Sep 21, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Oct 5, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Oct 19, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Nov 2, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Nov 16, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Nov 30, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510
Dec 14, 2019$13,750$14,710$15,590$16,170$18,280$18,790$20,240
Dec 28, 2019$13,020$13,980$14,860$15,440$17,550$18,060$19,510



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National Geographic Islander

National Geographic Islander
Yacht-scaled and trim, the 48-guest National Geographic Islander plies Galápagos’ protected waters with grace, supplying an ambience and comfort that perfectly complements our informal expedition style. She departs every Saturday from January to December.
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Cruise Reviews

Average rating:  
 1 reviews
Phenomenal is the first word that come to my mind

Phenomenal is the first word that come to my mind. The whole trip, the whole experience.

Cruise: Lovely cabin, lovely ship, only 44 passengers. Felt like a big yacht. Our anniversary trip so we went for the top cabin. We were not disappointed. As we were not in the cabin all that much during the day, but when we were we felt opulent in our surroundings. To think we were in the middle of the ocean in Ecuador and had a classy cabin. Food was good, not gourmet but good. Breakfast a buffet, lunch was just way to much food. Again a buffet and after a few days I just had soup and salad and I was happy.

Why we went with Lindblad/National Geographic? We had high expectations on the educational part of the trip. We were blown away in how it was presented. Never a "class" so to speak, never a dry boring lecture. It was hands on....standing over a iguana, the naturalist would educate us. A bird flies overhead and the Naturalists gives us a whole education and perspective on the bird pattern on that island. Deep water snorkel with your expert next to you. Not a question they couldn't answer, would engage in conversation on hikes, sitting at the dinner table any time. The naturalists besides being knowledgeable, are people people, and nice and patient and enthusiastic at the same time. We flew into Baltra and out of San Cristobal. Our overnight in Guayaquil was at the Hilton hotel which was very nice. All transfers were done well.

Level of activities I appreciated. As I am highly active, my husband not so. Everything was offered in different levels. A family with teens on the ship was nice. Everyone was so homogeneous, we made a few good friends. My husband is a professional corporate organizer. He was highly impressed how well everything ran on both the cruise and land portion.

Machu Picchu - a group of 30. Half from our cruise which made it nice. Others from the Lindblad Amazon cruise and a few who just were doing the land tour. We somehow expected a smaller group. That said we had excellent guides, naturalists, hotel accommodations. Did not feel any negative being a larger than expected group. Took altitude pills and did not have any problems. This was a very active trip, you have to be in reasonable shape. Climbing, walking, and some at higher altitudes. All logistics of flights and transfers went smoothly. It was comfortable to know this was all taken care of for us. Naturalists again were knowledgeable and friendly. The food in Peru we thought was much better than Ecuador. The history and the education of the culture was expected after the cruise experience and it did not disappoint.

Linda, we agree the Galapagos was as magnificent as you lead us to believe. Lindblad an excellent choice, we thank you for that, we were not aware as to the differences in tour operators. We will definitely be savings our pennies for another trip. I should mention that a number of the guests on our cruise, it was not their first Lindblad experience. A number seemed to have been to Alaska with Lindblad.